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Standard Specifications

Delivery time
3gg 2layer; 5gg multilayer
PCB size
570x430 mm
Layers number
PCB thickness
0.8 to 3.2 mm
Min. lines/spaces
100 µm
Min. drill diameter
0.2 mm
Aspect ratio
8 : 1
Certificate of compliance
Issued each supply
Metallographic section
Internal of each batch
Impedance control


Delivery time
1gg 2 layer; 2gg multilayer
PCB size
600x500 mm
Layers number
Up to 64
PCB thickness
0.05 to 7mm
Min. lines/spaces
40 µm
Min. drill diameter
0.075 mm
Aspect ratio
22 : 1
Certificate of compliance
Issued each supply
Metallographic section
Certification and delivery of specimen
Impedance control
+ / - 5% with Certification

Special Technologies

icona atomo
  • High Number of Layers

  • Blind and Buried Vias

  • Vias-on-pad and Hole Plugging

  • Flexible and Rigid-Flex Circuits

  • Backdrilling

  • Backplanes

  • HDIs

TVR has a production capacity ranging from 25 to 40 different boards per day, over 500 per month and more than 5000 per year.

The production mix is made up of samples and small series, all made in our factory without foreign trading.


Surface Finishes



In this surface finish, the panel is vertically dipped into a bath of molten solder composed of tin and copper, ensuring that all exposed copper surfaces are covered by the solder. The PCB is then dried with compressed air to remove any excess solder. This type of surface finish provides good durability and reliable soldering.


The process is similar to the HAL LF finish, but in this case, the PCB is dipped into a bath of tin and lead and then dried with hot air jets to remove excess alloy from holes and pads. This finish offers good durability and excellent solderability.


Chemical Gold
Also known as immersion gold, ENIG is a chemical process that involves depositing a layer of nickel and a layer of gold onto the board, with the gold layer protecting the underlying nickel. The benefits of ENIG include excellent solderability and corrosion resistance.


Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold
ENEPIG is an immersion chemical process similar to ENIG. In addition to nickel and gold, ENEPIG has an extra layer of palladium that acts as a barrier, preventing the gold from diffusing into the nickel layer. This finish offers excellent oxidation properties and good wettability.

Hard Gold

Electrolytic Gold
This is an electrolytic process in which a layer of nickel is first applied to the panel, followed by a layer of gold. The thickness of the gold layer provides good durability and longevity.

Immersion Tin

Chemical Tin
Tin chemical or tin immersion is a metallic surface finish deposit. The board is immersed in a chemical tin bath, which improves its solderability. Tin plating has excellent planarity characteristics and good durability.

Immersion Silver

Chemical Silver
This is a chemical process in which a uniform layer of silver is deposited on the circuit, ensuring excellent solderability. This finish provides significant resistance to oxidation.

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